Arnold 5 for Cinema 4D from helloluxx

Arnold 5 for Cinema 4D : ULTIMATE INTRO!

The Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 5 for Cinema 4D from Mograph Plus   If you have been following Mograph Plus you will know they released their Introduction to Arnold for Cinema 4D about two years ago and have been updating the course ever since. However, after the release of Arnold 5 and all the new…

Joseph Wright

FREE TUTORIAL: 10 Tips for better lighting in Cinema 4D

  In these 10 tips for better lighting in Cinema 4D, I cover techniques which explore basic lighting concepts and how we can implement these using Maxon’s Cinema 4D. 1. Which type of light? Depending on the atmosphere you are trying to achieve, choosing the correct light can be fundamental. For a candle or a…

Modern Bathroom Visualisation from helloluxx

Modern Bathroom Visualisation in V-Ray, Photoshop and 3ds Max

    Modern Bathroom Visualisation in Photoshop, V-Ray and 3ds Max   Once again, helloluxx are stepping away from our traditional Cinema 4D training to bring you another tutorial created around V-Ray, Photoshop and 3ds Max … … let’s learn.! In this 9+ hours of training, you will go through the process of modelling, shading,…

Bounce Card Script for Cinema 4D

This is a handy Python Script for Cinema 4D that will make targeting those light hotspots much easier thanks to the scripting prowess of James Chiny Watch the video to see it in action, nice idea @hypoly and thanks for sharing with the community. You can grab the script here


C4D Physical Render – Tutorial Part Two

Cinema 4D Tutorial – C4D Physical Render – Tutorial Part Two This tutorial is the second part of a two part tutorial that Tim recently completed for 3D Artist magazine. If you would like to follow the first part where we set up a soft body dynamics simulation, then you’ll need to grab a copy…

C4D Light Dome

Cinema 4D Light Dome Update

Cinema 4D light dome update. I’ve made a small update to the C4D light dome preset and thought I’d share it with you all. The Cloner no longer uses the Target Effector, the lights are simply rotated to point to the centre of the Light Dome Sphere. Simpler solution, therefore less to calculate, although you…