Houdini VOPS from helloluxx

Intro to Houdini VOPS : AVAILABLE NOW

It’s here! learn. Jumpstart Vol. 7 – Intro to VOPS is now available! Visit here to see what treats lay ahead in Adam Swaab’s latest Houdini tutorial. Houdini Training : learn. Jumpstart Vol. 7 – Intro to VOPS AVAILABLE NOW

Houdini VOPS from helloluxx

Houdini Training – Intro to VOPS : COMING SOON

Adam Swaab’s latest Houdini tutorial goes through the ins and outs of VOPS, going through many short examples to get you ready to harness the full power of VOPS. Adam also does a quick intro to pure coding in vex, as vex is the underlying language of VOPS. Teaser Image #2

Houdini Training from helloluxx

COMING SOON : Houdini Training – Intro to VOPS

  Adam Swaab’s Houdini Training : learn. Jumpstart series is about to get bigger with the imminent release of Vol.7 : Intro to VOPS This has been a particularly sought after and requested area of expertise so yet again, Adam Swaab has delivered. The tutorial lasts for over four hours and by Adam’s own admission,…