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ReBendReBend TypeReBend Deformer

Rebend Deformer for Cinema 4D

$ 20.00 USD

Rebend Deformer alters the curve of your Cinema 4D models, making it easier to alter objects with bends built into them. (Licence Agreement)

ReBend Deformer

Rebend Deformer for Cinema 4D alters the curve of your Cinema 4D models, making it easier to alter objects with bends built into them. You can use Rebend to straighten out bent objects, bend and twist them in a different direction, and change their arc lengths – then easily animate between their original and modified state.


Bend or straighten curved models

First match Rebend to your object’s original bend curve, then it’s easy to set it to a new curve – altering the angle, length and heading via the twist option.

ReBend Type

Includes various falloff shapes to limit the deformation

Rebend includes a falloff tab to let you limit its effect, and we’ve included Attach Falloff to Null, a free tag plugin that lets you move the falloff independently of the Curious Animal deformers.

Difference Map

Difference Map automatically creates Vertex Maps for added functionality.

Difference Maps – the Difference Map tab stores the effect of the Curious Animal deformers on each point into a vertex map. That map can then control the influence of shaders, other deformers and many other effects in Cinema 4D.

Motion Stretch is also available as part of the Mega Deformer Pack.

This tutorial covers the basics of using ReBend.

This video shows you how to use the Difference Map feature available in all Curious Animal deformer plugins.

Please Note: In order to generate a permanent serial number for this product, you will be asked to provide the first 11 digits of your Cinema 4D serial number. To locate your Cinema 4D serial number, in Cinema 4D choose Help – Personalise. Your serial number is located in the top right corner of the dialogue box.

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