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mamoworld | MochaImport+
mamoworld | MochaImport+mamoworld | MochaImport ComparisonMochaImport+ V5 from helloluxx

MochaImport+ V5 for After Effects

$ 49.99 USD

Simplify your workflow with tracking data between Mocha and After Effects. If you require a multi-user licence then please contact us. (Licence Agreement)

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 MochaImport+ V5 from helloluxx

Mocha Import for After Effects simplifies the workflow between Mocha and After Effects.  More precisely, it helps you send your footage to Mocha and then to apply the Mocha tracking data back in After Effects in whatever way you want.


MochaImport+ Track in Mocha Button
Track in Mocha button: send clips including masks, in- and outpoints from After Effects to Mocha – with just one click.

MochaImport+ Status Panel
Easy Import: With the status panel, you always know what kind of tracking data you need to export for your task at hand.

MochaImport+ Apply Button
Apply your Tracking Data: MochaImport+ supports a variety of tasks from corner pin and movement of layers to stabilising shaky footage.  Even complex rigs for stabilised precomps and image stabilisation can be created with just one click.

mamoworld | Mocha Import for After Effects


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MochaImport in less than 5 minutes:

Tutorial: Getting Started with MochaImport+ :

This tutorial gives a detailed overview over the functions of MochaImport+.
“track in mocha” button (0:00-1:47)
masks and layers (1:47-4:17)
works with all versions of Mocha (4:17-5:17)
import tracking data (5:17-6:56)
corner pin (6:56-9:56)
move (9:56-12:41)
stabilize (12:41-16:18)
stabilized precomp (16:18-19:58)
create AE trackpoints (19:58-22:22)

Tutorial: Graffiti Comes Alive

In this tutorial you learn how to turn a graffiti painting on a wall into a living person.  This effect is inspired by the Brush With Death clip.
tracking with MochaImport+ (1:22-9:26)
placing a freeze frame at the wall (9:26-16:25)
graffiti look (16:25-25:41)

Tutorial: Finger Screen

In part 1 we create an effect that is currently quite popular; we create a futuristic, semi-transparent screen that is attached to a persons fingers.

In the second part, we smash the screen that we created in the first part.  Furthermore, we use Knoll Light Factory in combination with iExpressions to make the screen even more realistic by adding some light reflections.  Also we give the clip a nice look using Magic Bullet.

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