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Cinema 4D Training - learn. Interiors: Lighting & Rendering

Cinema 4D Training : learn. Interiors – Lighting & Rendering

$ 39.00 USD

This course teaches how to create a light set-up and explore the rendering process for an interior scene in Cinema 4D. The 4th of a 4 part series which is also available as a collection, saving $57!

Cinema 4D Training – learn. Interiors: Lighting & Rendering

Interiors in Cinema 4D - Overview

Bring more natural light into your room with this lighting and rendering training series for Cinema 4D, taught by the incredibly talented artist Marijn Raeven. First we’ll set up the lighting and add global illumination to create more natural light. Next we’ll look at the standard and physical render engines, and discuss some of the advantages of the physical engine. Don’t worry about external render engines or plugins – we’ll only use the native Cinema 4D tools.

Interiors in Cinema 4D - Lamp

The course is divided into the following chapters:
  • 01 – introduction 1:58
  • 02 – set-up 10:26
  • 03 – set-up global illumination 20:09
  • 04 – set-up rendering 20:39
  • 05 – ambient occlusion 5:02
  • 06 – fine-tuning materials 26:46
  • 07 – final rendering 22:14
  • 08 – post processing 10:31

The training is divided into eight lessons, total runtime is 118 minutes.

Interiors in Cinema 4D - Table Top

This is the fourth section of a four part series and is also available as a collection.

The bundle is offered at an incredible price of only $79, a massive saving of $57 over buying the training separately!

Interiors in Cinema 4D - Sofa Front

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Please Note: All QuickTime movies are delivered at 1440 x 900 pixel resolution, perfect for full screen viewing.

Please Note: This is a Cinema 4D tutorial only. Colour-correction and other postprocessing (for example in Photoshop or After Effects) is not included in this tutorial because Cinema 4D does not have the necessary tools for these processes.

Cinema 4D Training – learn. Interiors: Lighting & Rendering


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