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Curious Animal | Impact Deformer
Curious Animal | Impact DeformerCurious Animal | Impact DeformerCurious Animal | Impact DeformerCurious Animal | Impact Deformer

Impact Deformer for Cinema 4D

$ 32.00 USD

A Cinema 4D deformer plugin that creates ripples in your geometry. Download the demo for 14 days use. (Licence Agreement)

Curious Animal | Impact Deformer

Impact Deformer for Cinema 4D

A plugin that creates ripples in your geometry based on your own custom spline shapes.  You can use Impact to create a range of effects, from subtle joins between objects to dramatic collisions.

Curious Animal | Impact Deformer

You can control many attributes of the ripples, including their amount, width, height, growth and spread. Width and height can optionally be controlled with curves to allow differences between individual ripples. Use most splines to create a wide range of custom ripple shapes.

Curious Animal | Impact Deformer

Impact includes a falloff tab to let you limit its effect, and we’ve included Attach Falloff to Null, a free tag plugin that lets you move the falloff independently of the Curious Animal deformers.

You can download Imapct Deformer and use ‘demo’ as your serial code to activate a 14 day non-rendering trial licence. We hope you like the demo, if you do, please come back to buy a serial code that will activate the full version.

A short video tutorial to help you get started:

Please Note: In order to generate a non-temporary, permanent serial number for this product, you will be asked to provide the first 11 digits of your Cinema 4D serial number. To locate your Cinema 4D serial number, in Cinema 4D choose Help – Personalise. Your serial number is located in the top right corner of the dialogue box.

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October 20th – UPDATE

Just released is a new update for Impact Deformer, the main addition is the new Difference Map feature available in all of the deformers. These control a vertex map based on the distance each point is moved by the deformer, and can be used to add further effects on top of the Curious Animal Deformers.

Check out the tutorial video above, and you can download the C4D scene from the tutorial here to get started with Difference Maps.

Other changes:

A bug in Impact that caused it’s global scale to lock when using the ‘Target spline’ option has been fixed, however, if any of your existing scenes rely on the old method there’s a new ‘Legacy scale’ option you can use to maintain compatibility.

Enjoy the update!

System Requirements: Cinema 4D R13 and R14

Platform: Mac OS X, Windows

Licence Type: Commercial Licence and Demo Licence

Platform Mac OS X, Windows
Licence Type Commercial Licence, Demo Licence