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intro to houdini pyro from helloluxx
Smoke Houdini Tutorial from helloluxxIntro to Houdini Pyro from helloluxxdirt explosion intro to houdini from helloluxxdirt hit nuke comp in houdini from hellouxxdirt hit houdnidirt particles houdini tutorial from helloluxxexplosion nuke comp in houdiniexplosion render houdini tutorial from helloluxxexplosion houdini tutorialcomp houdini smoke in nukeHoudini smoke effect tutorial

Houdini Training : learn. Jumpstart Vol. 6 – Intro to Houdini Pyro Effects

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Learn how to wrangle and control Houdini Pyro Effects. Adam Swaab delivers 5+ hours of content over 3 project based tutorials.

Intro to Houdini Pyro Effects from helloluxx

Houdini-Tutorial_Intro-to-Pyro from helloluxx

Intro to Houdini Pyro Effects from Adam Swaab

During 5+ hours of content and three project based tutorials, Intro to Houdini Pyro Effects by Adam Swaab shows how to wrangle and control pyro simulations in Houdini.

With dozens of parameters to play with and tweak in pyro, it can be a daunting endeavour. However, Adam shows how to get the most out of pyro, by looking at the key settings that shape a simulation and how to get some level of control to the sims by looking at three big simulations in Houdini, all the way from initial set-up to lighting, rendering, and compositing.

The tutorial starts by looking at the different kinds of volumes in Houdini, showing how to see their values, as well as explaining the differences between the many different kinds of volumes. Next is the first simulation, a thick, billowy smoke simulation. The next project focuses on creating a fireball explosion, using a particle source as a base. Learn how to use this particle simulation to shape and art direct the simulation, giving some level of predictability to pyro. Following this, go over the pyro combustion model, showing how the various parameters influence the simulation before ending the tutorial, by taking a look at a dirt explosion simulation, showing how to set it off from a particle simulation, finally rendering it and compositing it over a background plate.

Intro to Houdini Pyro Effects is a comprehensive must-own tutorial for all Houdini enthusiasts.

Intro to Houdini Pyro Effects : Course Breakdown

Chapter 01: Introduction

Chapter 02: Overview of volumes. We look at the different types of volumes in Houdini. We have a brief discussion about standard Houdini volumes and VDB volumes. We also look at the “volume slice” SOP to examine cross sections of a volume.

Intro to Houdini Pyro from helloluxx

Chapter 03: Starting from scratch, we build a billowy smoke simulation, without using the shelf tools. We look at all the properties that influence and shape a smoke simulation. We add external forces and micro solvers to extend the capabilities of the base pyro setup. We also look at how to get rid of the typical mushroom shapes that show up in simulations.

Smoke Houdini Tutorial from helloluxx

Chapter 04: We set up our smoke simulation for rendering. We place lights in our scene, apply and tweak the pyro shader, and optimise our render settings for best quality/efficiency.

Houdini smoke effect tutorial

Chapter 05: We look at how to rebuild the smoke beauty in Nuke using the separate lighting layers from the .exr file, as well as grading and tweaking the render in comp.

comp houdini smoke in nuke

Chapter 06: We set up a POP simulation to create fuel, temperature, and initial velocities for our explosion simulation. This POP sim setup will serve as a basis to create a wide variety of explosions, from a simple direct able setup.

explosion houdini tutorial

Chapter 07: We turn our POP simulation into a pyro explosion. We show how fuel, temperature, and the pyro combustion model work to create flames and smoke. We continue to refine our simulations, both in POPS and DOPS, until we are happy with the result.

Chapter 08: We setup our explosion for rendering, looking at what image planes are needed for compositing. We explore more of the pyro shader, looking at the blackbody radiation model for shading.

explosion render houdini tutorial from helloluxx

Chapter 09: In Nuke, we look at rebuilding the beauty pass and discuss how to use the individual render image planes to tweak and enhance the final explosion comp.

explosion nuke comp in houdini

Chapter 10: We discuss how to use rest fields to add procedural noise to the pyro shader.

Chapter 11: We create a base particle simulation to use for our “dirt hit” pyro sim.

dirt particles houdini tutorial from helloluxx

Chapter 12: We shape and refine our simulation in DOPS.

Chapter 13: Matching to a background plate, we look at how to render the smoke and interactive shadow pass to be used in compositing.

dirt hit houdni

Chapter 14: We dissect the Nuke comp, showing how to use the rendered passes to integrate our smoke with a background plate.

dirt hit nuke comp in houdini from hellouxx

PLEASE NOTE: This course has been created for Houdini 15+

Houdini Training : learn. Jumpstart Vol. 6 – Intro to Houdini Pyro Effects

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