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Sale!Houdini Training - learn. Jumpstart Bundle from Adam Swaab
Houdini Jumpstart Bundle Training

Houdini Training : learn. Jumpstart Bundle

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Let industry veteran, Adam Swaab, take you through his learning process, step by step, using project-based techniques to get you up to speed with Houdini.

Houdini Training – learn. Jumpstart Bundle from Adam Swaab

Unsure or perhaps intimidated about how to learn Houdini? Industry veteran, Adam Swaab, will take you through his learning process, step by step, using project-based techniques to get you up to speed with this program.

Included in this bundle is Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4 of Adam’s Jumpstart training series, all created exclusively for helloluxx.

learn. Houdini Jumpstart Vol.1: Intro to Procedural Modelling

In this first lesson about procedural modeling, we build a simple chair model that can be easily customised during the modelling pipeline. Adam explores the procedural nature of Houdini, showing how one model of a chair can easily be turned into thousands of unique models with just a few button clicks. This tutorial series is beginner level and assumes no prior knowledge of Houdini.*

learn. Houdini Jumpstart Vol.2: Copy/Stamping

Volume 2 picks up from where Volume 1: Procedural Modelling, leaves off. You explore the copy sop and ways to add variation to multiple objects in your scene. The copy SOP is a vital part of Houdini and understanding this SOP, is critical to your learning trajectory with this software. Adam shows how to use template points as a basis for copying objects onto template points (similar to Cinema 4D’s mograph module), how to use attributes to control the scale, rotation and colour of those objects and how to use stamp expressions to add variation to the objects.

In the final chapter, Adam shows how to take this knowledge to the next level, by creating a basic prototype of a forest of growing l-system trees, where each tree is a completely unique procedurally generated tree and the distribution is controlled by painting attributes onto a ground surface. (Note, the actual l-system functions are not explained in this tutorial).*

learn. Houdini Jumpstart Vol.3: Intro to Rigid Body Dynamics

In this tutorial, you get your first taste of dynamics in Houdini. You will create a simple bowling alley simulation, so that you can examine mixing dynamic objects with keyframed and art directed simulation pieces. You’ll discuss how to get your objects into and out of the DOPS dynamic network, and how to influence their properties through SOPS.*

learn. Houdini Jumpstart Vol.4: Intro To Particles from Adam Swaab

Particles are used to simulate large quantities of objects that would be too cumbersome to animate by hand. They work in event and rule based systems, allowing animators to quickly and easily create complex natural behaviors that respond to the laws of physics. In this tutorial, we get a look at a variety of particle setups in Houdini, starting from a simple system and building up to more intricate setups. This tutorial will become a foundation for later particle works and explorations of the flip fluid solver in Houdini.*

* For chapter breakdowns, please refer to each individual product page.

Each tutorial was made with Houdini version 13. Only small interface changes in Houdini version 15.5 will affect any usage of the tutorials.

Houdini Training – learn. Jumpstart Bundle from Adam Swaab

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