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falloff plugins for cinema 4d
fallofftopia for cinema 4d from helloluxx


$ 60.00 USD

Fallofftopia is a set of plugins for Cinema 4D that includes Noise, Boole & Super Source Falloff + the bonus Reference Falloff.

fallofftopia for cinema 4d from helloluxx

FALLOFFTOPIA from Curious Animal

Fallofftopia is a pack that includes Super Source Falloff / Noise Falloff and Boole Falloff – as well as a bonus Reference Falloff.

Reference Falloff
> Reference Falloff lets you select an effector (or Falloff Tag) to use it’s settings – so if you want to use the same falloff in several places you don’t have to copy-paste the settings any more, just use Reference Falloff!

Curious Animal | Super Source Falloff for Cinema 4D

Supersource Falloff
> Get more creative freedom for your Cinema 4D falloff shapes with Super Source Falloff for Cinema 4D.  Curious Animal have created a plugin that makes it easier to design and animate detailed falloff shapes, giving you more control over your Mograph effectors and many of the newer deformers.
> Super power your custom falloff shapes with multi-object falloffs and many supported object types – including X-Particles (v2.5 & 3 supported) and Mograph generators.

Noise Falloff from Curious Animal

Noise Falloff
> Curious Animal’s Noise Falloff for Cinema 4D adds noise to any existing falloff shape. It’s an easy way to add a more organic feeling to many effects – including Mograph effectors, many of Cinema 4D’s newer deformers, all of Curious Animal’s deformers and anywhere else you can use a falloff.
> Add an element of randomness to any falloff shape, great for making effects that feel more organic.

Boole Falloff for C4D from Curious Animal

Boole Falloff
> Boole Falloff for Cinema 4D combines two existing Cinema4D effector falloffs to create a new falloff shape. You can subtract shapes from each other, create intersecting shapes, masks or simply add two shapes to each other for more control over your falloffs. Works with Cinema 4D’s Mograph effector falloffs and the newer deformers that include falloff tabs.
> Combine two falloff shapes into one new shape – you can cut falloff shapes from each other, mask them, intersect them or simply add them together.


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