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mamoworld | Beat Assistant
mamoworld | Beat Assistantmamoworld | Beat Assistantmamoworld | Beat Assistantmamoworld | Beat Assistant

Beat Assistant for After Effects

$ 39.99 USD

Detect the bpm (beats per minute) of wav, mp3 and aif files and use it to generate markers or keyframes and to stagger layers. If you require a multi-user licence then please contact us. (Licence Agreement)

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mamoworld | After Effects Beat Assistant

If you treat music in your videos as first-class citizens, After Effects Beat Assistant is a tool for you.  It automatically detects the beats per minute of your music and allows you to do lots of things with it:

  1. set layer markers according to the beat
  2. generate keyframes and animate to the beat
  3. stagger layers according to the beat
Easy import to Premiere Pro Beat Assistant with Premiere Pro:

The composition markers can easily be imported to Premiere Pro, as Eran Stern shows in his tutorial about Beat Assistant with Premiere Pro.

No expressions:

You think animation to the music involves some weird expressions magic to tie your animation to audio keyframes?  No way!  With beat assistant, you do it the mamoworld way:  Animate all properties directly using intuitive interfaces.

Robust Beat Detection is achieved with the popular SoundTouch Audio Processing Library.  While .wav files are supported natively, to work with .mp3 and .aif files, you need to install the separate tool LAME.


In order to support .aif and .mp3 files in Beat Assistant, you need to install the separate tool LAME.  Beat Assistant then uses LAME to convert .mp3 and .aif to .wav before running the beat detection.

LAME is available for free under the LGPL license (for details see the website of the LAME Project).  Please note that personal and/or commercial use of compiled versions of LAME may require a patent license in some countries.

Getting LAME
Since the official LAME website only offers source-code, it is recommend you download a compiled version of LAME from the following sources:

Mac OSX 64bit
LAME 3.99 for OSX 64 bits (Lion) available at
LAME 3.98.4 for OSX 64 bits (Snow Leopard) available at

Mac OSX 32bit
LAME 3.98.3 Universal Binary available at

Windows 64bit
LAME 3.99.5 64bit available at

Windows 32bit
LAME 3.99.5 available at

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How to configure LAME in Beat Assistant:

Step 1
Unzip your download of LAME to an arbitrary folder on your harddrive.  It should contain a file lame (on Mac OS) or lame.exe (bei Windows) enthalten.

Step 2
Go to the settings window of Beat Assistant.

mamoworld | Beat Assistant

Step 3
Click on the button “Configure Tools for bpm Detection”.

mamoworld | Beat Assistant

Step 4
Choose the file lame (on Mac OS) or lame.exe (on Windows) from your LAME download.

mamoworld | Beat Assistant

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Beat Assistant in 1 Minute:

Example: Beat Assistant applied to Time-Remapping:

This effect is achieved by generating keyframes for the time remapping property with beat assistant.

timelapse video by Beachfront, available at

music Pulse (Geroge Ellinas remix) by George Ellinas – See more at:

Example – only beat assistant and squares:

Getting Started Tutorial:

Tutorial: Tetris part 2

In this tutorial, Tetris bricks move according to the music. Usage of beat assistant starts around 9:50

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After Effects CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3


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