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Advanced Photoshop Techniques


Learn why you should work in 16-bit and 32-bit modes, Advanced Photo Manipulation, and many other tips and tricks!

Advanced Photoshop Techniques from VFX Haiku

Learn why you should work in 16-bit and 32-bit modes, Advanced Photo Manipulation, and many other tips and tricks!  This tutorial is meant for intermediate to advanced Photoshop users who want to take their knowledge to the next level.  There’s lots of discussion in here about topics that aren’t readily covered in Photoshop tutorials, you’ll be surprised by what you learn!

Working in 16-bit and 32-bit mode:

  • Why 8-bit is for suckers!
  • Understanding why you would want to work in 16-bit mode
  • How to take advantage of 16 bit mode with your DSLR RAW files
  • Disadvantages of working in 16-bit and 32 bit mode
  • Understanding the weird world of 32-bit floating point
  • Special effects for working in 32-bit mode
  • Re-creating realistic lighting effects in 32-bit mode

Advanced Transfer (blending) Mode Ticks & Tips

  • One HUGE tip that will change the way you use transfer (blending) modes!

Working Non-destructively in Photoshop

  • Understanding why working non-destructively is important
  • Examples of non-destructive workflows in other applications (Fusion 5)
  • Using the Clone Tool in a non-destructive manner
  • Using Adjustments Layers
  • Using Smart objects and Smart filters

Advanced Photo Manipulation

  • Taking maximum advantage of working with RAW files
  • Breaking a photo down into different problems to be solved
  • Using Actions to experiment with different looks
  • Using Adjustments Layers to modify specific areas
  • Looking at your photos and finding the best way to enhance them
  • Replacing a drab sky with something more exciting
  • Creating areas of interest in your photos to guide the viewer’s eye
  • Using Colour Curves

File Formats Explained!

  • An in-depth look at the Photoshop Document Format (.PSD)
  • Tagged Image File Format (.TIF)
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (.JPG)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)
  • OpenEXR (.EXR)
  • When to use one format over the other, and why some formats are better suited to certain tasks

Photoshop Tips & Tricks!

  • Why using a tablet rocks and how to put it to use in Photoshop
  • Making better B&W images
  • Tricks with masks
  • Interesting uses for Photoshop’s History
  • Improvements in the Clone tool
  • Editing Photoshop Actions
  • Using Quicktime Movies in Photoshop

What’s included in the Download?

  • High quality quicktime movies of every section of the tutorial (1GB download)
  • Copies of Kert’s favourite Photoshop Actions

Advanced Photoshop Techniques from VFX Haiku

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