NAB 2015 Rewind : Projection Mapping

NAB Show

Maxon have worked fast this year and the first round of NAB presentations are already online at Cineversity and ready for your viewing pleasure. There are some incredibly talented artists presenting and you will pick up a whole bunch of useful tips and tricks, so they are definitely worth a look.

Huge thanks to the Maxon crew who made this possible, especially Paul Babb and Mathias Omotola for organising such an amazing collection of artists and Rick Barrett for editing these presentations together.

You can see the full playlist here

Projection Mapping – NAB 2015 Rewind

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection Mapping allows you to take video and give it an astounding sense of presence by projecting it onto three dimensional objects – be that a custom-built art object or the facade of Los Angeles City Hall for a New Year’s bash.

What is Camera Mapping?

Camera Mapping, or Camera Projection, is a technique that takes the same idea – projecting a 2D image onto a 3D surface – and applies it in a digital realm. Using a still photograph and simple 3D geometry, you can quickly create photorealistic shots.


While you won’t see a step-by-step projection mapping tutorial, these artists will share key tips on how to do projection mapping in a variety of scenarios:

NAB Rewind 2015 Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen shows how he used Camera Mapping and MoGraph to transform simple photographs into a dramatic 25 second open for Project Breakdown of Titles for Microsoft’s Modern Workplace.

NAB Rewind 2015 Alan Demafiles

Alan Demafiles

For Alan Demafiles, Cinema 4D is the 3D projection mapping software of choice. In Animating Projections on Massive Structures with C4D. Demafiles shares a building projection, where a dragon breaks through a wall lighting it on fire using particle effects.

NAB Rewind 2015 Steven Messing

Steven Messing

In Steven Messing’s Hollywood Filmic Design Techniques with C4D and Octane, he uses Camera Mapping to extend a set from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Shots from Exodus, Berkey City, Star Trek, & Life of Pi all show C4D camera mapping techniques put to good use.

NAB Rewind 2015 Craig Whitaker

Craig Whitaker

“What can you do with a photo?” Craig Whitaker answers the question with an overview of projection mapping in Cinema 4D and Nuke. You’ll learn about C4D camera mapping tool: Projection Man, and how simple modelling and deformers can both match the photo and add life to the scene.

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