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Well I must say this blog has been collecting dust . . . My apologies for that. This year I shall try to keep the posts coming at regular intervals.

Lots of things have been happening for us at HYPA. We have gone global and there is now HYPA in Sydney Australia. I have moved to Sydney to head up the new venture and I must say I’m loving the people, city and certainly the weather. We are open and available for work, so if you are in need of some motion graphics then get in touch!

I had a meeting today with John Dickinson of Motionworks . John is a really great guy, and very talented too. It was real fun to meet up with him and discuss motion graphics, animation and all that stuff over a coffee. John does some fantastic training for After Effects and his work is top notch. We had a few ideas of some projects that we may well work on together. More about that in future postings.

I was lucky enough to have a few artworks selected for Los Logos 4 by Die Gelstalten Verlag. Look out for it at your local bookstore. It has some fantastic work.

At HYPA we are currently working on some graphics for the BBC. The program is called Explore and is already on air in the UK. Watch out for it Sunday nights, BBC2.

We are also involved in a channel rebrand which we cannot mention right now. More about that at a later date. It is certainly making full use of the MoGraph module.

I’ll be back again soon with some more tips & tricks, so come back often. . . This time, I will too!

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  1. Martin Brennand
    Martin Brennand On February 9, 2009 at 1:13 PM

    Just when i’m about to move to the UK I find you’ve moved to Australia! What are the odds! I was hoping to buy you a coffee for all the awesome classes you’ve done recently!
    (from a random fxPhd student)

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