Greyscale Gorilla : Five Second Competitions

Nick over at Greyscale Gorilla has been holding Five Second Competitions for quite a while now.  If you are not familiar with these, then you should go and check out some of the past entries.

If you are ever needing an excuse to get creative (who needs an excuse hey?), but are a little stuck with the subject, then why not head on over to Greyscale Gorilla and take part in one of the competitions. They are always themed and on top of that you have a deadline too.

If you are after a copy of Making It Look Great 6, then now is your chance to grab a free copy.  That’s right, enter the 5 second competition and give yourself a chance to win a copy.

Deadline for entries is June 29th 2009, so don’t hesitate!

For more info on Making It Look Great 6, check out Motionworks.

If you want to read more about Nick’s 5 Second Competitions and you fancy your chances too, then head straight for the Greyscale Gorilla website for more information.

Good luck!  Can’t wait to see the entries.

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