FREE UPDATE : Super Source Falloff

Super Source Falloff from helloluxx

FREE UPDATE : Super Source Falloff

Super Source Falloff is a Cinema 4D plugin that makes it easier to design and animate detailed falloff shapes, giving you more control over your Mograph effectors and many of the newer deformers.

On March 24th, Curious Animal released an update for Super Source Falloff. If you already own a licence, then this upgrade is FREE! The update will show up to users via the Curious Animal Plugin Manager.

If you don’t already own this fantastic plugin that allows you to easily create detailed, irregular, animated falloff shapes – from variable width falloffs to complex multi-object falloff shapes and use polygon objects, splines and most primitives to define the edges of your falloffs – all at the same time as well as creating more accurate falloffs by testing both points and surfaces of polygons, to name a few, what are you waiting for!

At only $26 this plugin represents fantastic value for money, as do all of the Curious Animal Cinema 4D plugins. Check out Super Source Falloff here.

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FREE UPDATE : Super Source Falloff


Author: Fleur Clapham

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