Cinema 4D Deformers : Curious Animal

Cinema 4D from helloluxx

Curious Animal have updated their deformers to ensure Cinema 4D R17 compatibility. These new versions still work with everything down to R13 and existing customers are able to download the update via their Plugin Manager.

It’s free to get updated Curious Animal plugin serials – if you’re already using the new Curious Animal activation system, just enter your email in the Updated Licence Form here. If you bought your plugin licence before 2015 and haven’t converted to the new activation system yet, please do so here first.

Remind yourself just how awesome these deformers are, check them out below:

Super Deformer Pack for Cinema 4D

Impact Deformer for Cinema 4D

Mega Deformer Pack for Cinema 4D

Membrane Deformer for Cinema 4D

Seam Deformer for Cinema 4D

Sphere Wrap Deformer for Cinema 4D

Scroll Roll Deformer for Cinema 4D

Rebend Deformer for Cinema 4D

Motion Stretch for Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D deformers from helloluxx

Cinema 4D Deformers : Curious Animal


Author: Fleur Clapham

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