Additions to Quick Matte Pro v1.1


Additions to Quick Matte Pro v1.1

Quick Matte Pro is essential for an optimised and fast workflow and will change the way you work in Cinema 4D. It has been designed to take care of all your matting & object buffer needs, quickly and efficiently, without having to worry about all the setup. Set your mattes, add object buffers then add every single object buffer in your scene to your multipass render settings with just a single click!

And as of today, there are a bunch of additions to the product:

– added docking support
– added R13 support
– added “incremental buffer” checkbox (object buffer tab)
– fixed issues with the Fracture Object
– stability fixes
– Now works with German version of C4D
(perhaps our German customers might care to translate the words for us?!)

To see detailed product information, check it out here: Quick Matte Pro for Cinema 4D


Additions to Quick Matte Pro v1.1


Author: Fleur Clapham

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