learn. Redshift for Cinema 4D : V01 / COMING SOON!

learn. Redshift for Cinema 4D by Rich Nosworthy for helloluxx
Redshift is the world’s first fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer, built to meet the specific demands of contemporary high-end production rendering. Tailored to support creative individuals and studios of every size, Redshift offers a suite of powerful features and integrates with industry standard CG applications and as all helloluxxers know, Cinema 4D is our CG application of choice!

Rich Nosworthy is well known to many as an authority on all things Redshift so it is with great delight that we now bring to you V01 of a premium suite of tutorials, exclusive to helloluxx. 

V01 includes over 48 videos covering topics such as introducing the renderview, the redshift material, Sampling, GI, texture workflow, area lights, triplanar projection, motion blur, depth of field, hdri’s and much more, all in a very detailed format.  V01 is split over two animation projects, with Rich setting up both for final render, along with tips, tricks and all you need to get started with this exciting render engine.

learn. Redshift for Cinema 4D : V01

by Rich Nosworthy for helloluxx / COMING SOON!

let’s learn.

Author: Fleur Clapham

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