Mograph Shaders Part 1

Demystifying Cinema 4D Mograph Shaders Part I

This is the first of three tutorials which cover the Mograph Shaders. I have had these tutorials recorded for a while and they were originally going to be part of a new training series for Mograph, but I decided to post them online for free instead. I have worked with many people and held a…

Curve to Fresnel in Cinema 4D

This is a cool script that I came across on Vimeo and thought would share with you. From the very talented Simon Holmedal from ManvsMachine. Allows you to map your fresnel with a curve rather than a gradient, this offer a lot more control and is a great addition to your C4D toolset. Thanks @sholmedal…

New! Soccer / Sports & Material Packs for C4D

The Pixel Lab have crammed this Material Pack for C4D with 500+ Cinema4D materials/textures. This pack not only helps you speed-up your workflow, it means you can focus on being creative. The files are .lib4d so you can load these textures into your Cinema4D Content Browser and easily access them at any time, the textures…

Cinema 4D Tutorial - Waxy Shader

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Waxy Shader

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Waxy Shader This is a quick tutorial which covers the creation of the waxy shader in Cinema 4D I used in an older tutorial — metaball typography — it’s a kind of fleshy waxy sub-surface scattering looking thing. Enjoy! Cinema 4D Tutorial – Waxy Shader

Caustics in C4D

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Refractive Animation with Caustics

This tutorial is from a technique that I used many years ago. I’m sure some of you will remember this as I used to have a written tutorial on the Hypa website many moons ago! The results from this are quite unique and you can create some really beautiful effects by rendering a few passes…

learn. Idents TV

learn. Idents: TV Teaser

The first teaser for a series of new training titles from helloluxx. The ‘Idents’ training series is based around the concept of producing IDs from scratch.  Released regularly, each new chapter will concentrate on a specific set of tools and will cover a large array of practical techniques and workflow approaches which will become essential…

Cinema 4D Tutorial - UV Grids

Cinema 4D Tutorial – UV Grids

When working with UV mapping it is often useful to be able to see how the UVs are unwrapping. Here are two JPEG images that should help in the arduous task of UV manipulation. If you add these to a couple of materials and then save them into your Cinema4D preset library then you will…

Cinema 4D Tutorial - Recreate the Atom Array with a Cloner

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Recreate the Atom Array with a Cloner

I teach a few classes at FXPHD and one question I had today was about using the Cinema4D Atom Array and how to have individual control over the spheres. I rebuilt the Atom Array using a couple of Cloner Objects. The first Cloner adds a Sphere to each Vertex of the object I’m cloning onto….