RealFlow eZine

RealFlow eZine

Launched this month is the RealFlow eZine at waterline magazine. waterline magazine is a free eZine for RealFlow users with tutorials, projects, concepts, and everything you always wanted to know about RealFlow. The first edition explores RealFlow’s Python interface and helps you to get started with basic programming. With the help of several examples you…

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Gatorade : Fuel the Fire – A RealFlow Case Study

Gatorade : Fuel the Fire – A RealFlow Case Study from GoldenWolf / UK   Anselm von Seherr-Thoss explains how RealFlow was used to make some amazing effects for the Gatorade commercial featuring football superstars Lionel Messi and James Rodríguez. …Incendii is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nowadays New Orleans is known for a lot…

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RealFlow 2015 : Tech Reel

Have you checked out the RealFlow 2015 Tech Reel yet? How about the RealFlow 2015 Showreel? Pretty awesome stuff isn’t it! let’s learn. RealFlow 2015 : Tech Reel  

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Avengers: Age of Ultron – A RealFlow Case Study

Avengers: Age of Ultron – A RealFlow Case Study from Zoic Studios ZOIC Studios is a visual effects company based in Culver City, California and Vancouver, B.C., Canada. “Visual Evolution” is their mission- to evolve the story, art, and technology of the moving image, and through this evolution, broaden the audience for moving images. …VFX/CG…

RealFlow 2015 : Webinar from helloluxx

RealFlow 2015 : Webinar

What Is It About? In this webinar, Luis Miguel Mora will be showing and demoing the latest features for RealFlow 2015. From the use of the new DYVERSO solvers, Spreadsheets and Crown Daemon, Spline nodes, to the openVDB meshing and Hybrido improvements. He will also be sharing some RealFlow tips & tricks. When Is This…

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Carbon 3D : A RealFlow Case Study

  Carbon 3D : A RealFlow Case Study from Fusion CI Studios Fusion CI Studios is committed to excelling at complex dynamic fx challenges. Realistic physical simulation is the core of their work – complex fluid and particle fx like smoke, fire, explosions and rigid/soft body dynamics at uncompromising, photo-real, feature-film quality. …When Carbon 3D…