Cinema 4D Tutorial – Matrix Object, Thinking Particles and Geometry

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Matrix Object, Thinking Particles and Geometry A question was raised on fxphd about the different ways to generate geometry for Thinking Particles if you have created them using the MoGraph Matrix object. You can do it several ways. You can create a Particle Geometry Object then create the particle geometry using…

Layouts in Cinema4d

I have a few people asking what layouts I use in Cinema4d. This post has been superseded by a more recent entry.  Click here to visit that post and download the layout.

Deforming objects with MoGraph Effectors

Hey everyone, I’ve made a small tutorial that shows you how to use MoGraph effectors to deform spline objects. You can also use them to deform objects or polygons. I hope some of you find it useful. Here’s a movie of the result. And here’s a link to the tutorial. Have fun! Tim

Easy Extrudes in Cinema4D

Imagine you get sent a logo for a job you’re working on. You need to animate all the separate parts of the logo, you’ll need to create an ExtrudeNURBS for each individual spline. There could be quite a few splines to deal with. Here’s a quick tip that shows you how to generate an individual…

AE & Cinema4D tips too.

Hey everyone, So now we have a blog, this will be the place where I will post my downloads and tricks and tips. So if you’ve visited my pages on the old HYPA site in the past, bookmark this now! I’ll certainly be updating this a lot more than my old site which was becoming…