Zabiegly Updates Shots of Xpresso

Matthias Zabiegly, lead 3D artist at Aixsponza, has recently updated his Shots of Xpresso webpage. This page is a great resource for all you Cinema 4D Xpresso junkies, Matthias has some excellent Xpresso setups and he also includes a PDF as part of the download. The PDF offers a detailed explanation of exactly how he…

Fandangles Spots from Mighty Nice

As we move towards the summer here in Australia everyone is screaming for icecream! Sydney based studio Mighty Nice release these fun packed spots for Peter’s Fandangles ice cream lolly things. Fandangles Fairy Floss Fandangles Toffee Whoopee Cookie Fandangles Choc Shmallow

Subaru Carparts

Subaru Carparts from Sebastian Kowalski at LAFOURMI An epic piece of work, where we travel through a beautiful landscape built entirely from Subaru car parts. Created with XSI (heavy ICE wizardry!), rendered in Arnold.

TF1 BUMPERS PUB – 2014 from NAKED Compagnie ©

If you follow us on our Facebook page or on Twitter then you probably know that I regularly post work that I think will inspire others. I’ve decided to post these inspirational links here on helloluxx from now on. I’ll use the tag inspiration for all of them and over the months will expand to…

helloluxx t-shirts

EXCLUSIVE : LIMITED EDITION : helloluxx tshirts

  t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts We heard you ……… so ……… exclusive helloluxx design t-shirts are now available for pre-order! The t-shirts we gave out at Siggraph 2014 were such a huge success and have been requested by so many people, we’ve decided to make some more. To…

Siggraph 2014 Cinema 4D Presentations

Maxon have uploaded the Siggraph 2014 Cinema 4D Presentations to Vimeo and they’re most definitely worth checking out as there were some incredibly talented artists offering a wealth of knowledge. No doubt you’ll learn some great tips from these dudes. Some guy called Tim Clapham Matthias Zabiegly from AixSponza Casey Hupke from Zoic Studios Tomasz…

Post Siggraph 2014

Well Siggraph 2014 has been and gone, what a blast! It was so great to hang with the Maxon crew and all of the talented artists that came along to present their work. Not only were they an incredibly creative and skilled bunch, but also some of the nicest people you could meet. If you…

Siggraph 2014

It’s only 24 hours until we take-off for Vancouver, woo hoo! Tim and I are starting to get really excited about all the people we are going to meet and cool exhibits we are going to see. Have you heard of Birdly? Birdly is an installation that explores the experience of a bird in flight….

Bounce Card Script for Cinema 4D

This is a handy Python Script for Cinema 4D that will make targeting those light hotspots much easier thanks to the scripting prowess of James Chiny Watch the video to see it in action, nice idea @hypoly and thanks for sharing with the community. You can grab the script here

Curve to Fresnel in Cinema 4D

This is a cool script that I came across on Vimeo and thought would share with you. From the very talented Simon Holmedal from ManvsMachine. Allows you to map your fresnel with a curve rather than a gradient, this offer a lot more control and is a great addition to your C4D toolset. Thanks @sholmedal…