DEM Earth 2 for C4D

DEM Earth R2 – update 2.40 released

Significantly improved geo-referencing accuracy plus a major rewrite of core DEM Earth code means real-time georeferencing just keeps getting better. DEM Earth R2 – update 2.40 released

ProLUT – Cinematic Colour Grading Presets

Have you checked out ProLUT yet?  It is the latest high-quality offering from David Lindberg a DOP, Colorist & Visual Designer over at:   ProLUT is a pack that contains high quality colour grading presets based on film looks from some of the world’s most popular movies, carefully designed to give you the same look…

I Sculpt With Cinema4D

iSculpt now $0! Thank you We Are Pitch Black!

Last week we reduced iSculpt to $0 & there have been 100’s of downloads since. This would not have been possible without We Are Pitch Black so a huge thank you to Dimitris Katsafouros for putting this into the vfx community. THANK YOU, Dimitris! iSculpt now $0!  Thank you We Are Pitch Black!

MPC Breakdown

The Breakdown

I love watching Animation. Visual Effects. Motion Graphics. Art. I know you do too. This post is all about the process beyond the public window, the stuff we do. There’s a mix of motion graphics and visual effects, branding, commercials and feature film work, some from individuals up to huge facilities. There’s something for everyone….

Falloff Sampler Shader

Free Falloff Sampler Shader from Curious Animal

Falloff Sampler Shader Falloff Sampler Shader uses Cinema 4D’s Mograph Effector falloffs to create greyscale values for your object’s surface. This is handy for layering shader effects based on your falloffs, or just to use the falloff’s gizmo as a visual guide to help position your gradients. This is a bonus plugin – it’s free…

Cinema 4D Training - learn. Mastering Materials Part 2 : Reflectance from Tim Clapham - Car Paint

50% OFF Mastering Materials Part 2 : Cinema 4D Reflectance Training

This week saw the release of some brand new training from Tim Clapham — Mastering Materials Part 2 : Cinema 4D Reflectance — which focusses primarily on the new Reflectance channel in R16 and how to harness the power of this awesome new feature so you will be creating beautiful materials in no time at…

DEM Earth 2 for Cinema 4D : Now Only $299!

Have you checked out DEM Earth 2 recently?  Easily generate your own dynamic Digital Elevation Models, now for only $299! Produce real-time interactive and dynamic landscapes which you can pan, zoom and animate and place anything on, in any way you want. For more information, view the product page:  DEM Earth 2 for Cinema 4D…

Creative Type using C4D Hair

Creative Type with Cinema 4D Hair, MoGraph & X-Particles

In this short tutorial I show you a simple, yet effective technique, for generating a write on type animation using the Cinema 4D Hair Renderer. I’ve split the tutorial into two steps, the first example uses the powerful MoGraph module, which makes this method accessible for most Cinema 4D users (if you don’t have the…

Octane Renderer

Understanding Octane Renderer for Cinema 4D

Octane Renderer from OTOY has been taking the 3D world by storm lately with realtime GPU rendering and we are proud to announce the release of some exciting new training for mastering the Octane Renderer. Understanding Octane Renderer For Cinema 4D — Covering every major feature of this revolutionary and incredibly powerful new tool, with…


Making It Look Great Cinema 4D Training: Half Price!

For one week only we are delighted to be offering any of the individual Making It Look Great training titles for 50% off. That’s Making It Look Great 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 at half price! It’s never been done before and won’t ever be repeated so this is your one and only chance…