Super Source Falloff from helloluxx

FREE UPDATE : Super Source Falloff

    FREE UPDATE : Super Source Falloff   Super Source Falloff is a Cinema 4D plugin that makes it easier to design and animate detailed falloff shapes, giving you more control over your Mograph effectors and many of the newer deformers. On March 24th, Curious Animal released an update for Super Source Falloff. If…

X-Particles 3 from helloluxx

X-Particles 3 Discount : 11 Hours Left!

  In 11 hours time, X-Particles 3 will no longer be on sale at helloluxx so if you have not already grabbed your new licence or upgrade, NOW is the time to do it! X-Particles 3 Upgrade (like for like) – $186 X-Particles 3 New Licence (locked) – $422 X-Particles 3 Floating Licence (unlocked) –…

X-Particles 3 from helloluxx

X-Particles 3 Sale Ending SOON!

  X-Particles 3 Sale Ending SOON! The helloluxx X-Particles 3 launch sale is almost at an end… Grab your discounted XP3 upgrade or new licence, now! let’s learn. X-Particles 3 Sale Ending SOON!

XP3 Soft Bodies

Simulating Soft Bodies with X-Particles 3 in Cinema 4D

X-Particles never ceases to amaze me, it is such a versatile tool. Although not designed specifically to deal with cloth and soft body simulations, X-Particles 3 does a good job with minimal setup. Add the XParticles xpConstraints object—which will tie your particles together—then combine this with the xpDeformer object to manipulate your geometry. You can…

SurfaceSPREAD from helloluxx

SurfaceSPREAD – Object Distribution Sorted!

    SurfaceSPREAD from Laubwerk   SurfaceSPREAD is a fantastic Cinema 4D plugin for creating amazing landscape scenes. …SurfaceSPREAD distributes objects according to geological rules …SurfaceSPREAD generates parametric landscapes / terrains …SurfaceSPREAD generates parametric rocks and stones …SurfaceSPREAD contains a shader for infinite color variation …SurfaceSPREAD comes with a nice plant library   There are…

X-Particles 3 from helloluxx

X-Particles 3 Floating Licence ONLY $545!

  X-Particles 3 is proving to be hugely popular and for a remaining few days, the helloluxx launch discount continues. Check out the X-Particles 3 product page here to see all the features. Sale ends this Monday. let’s learn. X-Particles 3 Floating Licence ONLY $545!  

RealFlow - helloluxx

Batman: Arkham Knight – A RealFlow Case Study

    Batman: Arkham Knight – A RealFlow Case Study from Blur Studio Blur Studio is an award-winning production company based in Culver City, California. They work on such jobs ranging from commercials, games, cinematics and VFX for film.   … Brandon Young from Blur talks about working with the Caped Crusader’s awesome vehicle using…

99frames robot

99Frames 2K15

99Frames is back for another year! Rich Nosworthy (Design & Animation) & Sono Sanctus (Music and Sound Design) have put together a fantastic teaser to get your creativity flowing, kudos guys! Join this Vimeo Group to participate in the project. It is open to anyone and the rules are simple. Rules #1 – Animation is…

X-Particles 3 from helloluxx

X-Particles 3 Available NOW – $422!

    X-Particles 3 Available NOW – $422! Visit the helloluxx X-Particles 3 product page to get a complete run down on all the amazing features of the new and improved X-Particles 3. Plus, find out what industry users are saying about it, including helloluxx’s very own Tim Clapham! * $422 is a discounted launch…

Advanced Architectural Landscaping Techniques in 3ds Max from helloluxx - The Pool Project

25% Product Launch Discounts on 3ds Max Tutorials! Advanced Architectural Landscaping Techniques

    3ds Max Tutorial – Advanced Architectural Landscaping Techniques   This 8+ hours of tutorial focuses on creating vegetation for architectural landscaping scenes. This includes creating rocks, mosses, ivies and some other plant types, all with realistic shaders. Learn how to create fountains using dynamic effects then make use of V-Ray displacement to model…