NAB Show

NAB 2015 Rewind : Projection Mapping

  Maxon have worked fast this year and the first round of NAB presentations are already online at Cineversity and ready for your viewing pleasure. There are some incredibly talented artists presenting and you will pick up a whole bunch of useful tips and tricks, so they are definitely worth a look. Huge thanks to…


NAB 2015 Maxon Presentations

It is NAB time! An exciting show for everyone in the industry, especially for Cinema 4D users. Maxon always put on a great show with some of the most talented 3D artists presenting breakdowns of their work. A goldmine of tips and tricks awaits us. This year looks to be no exception, Maxon seem to…

X-Particles Challenge

X-Particles Challenge 2015

Whether you are new to x-particles or a veteran user, the X-Particles Challenge 2015 could be a great opportunity for you to show your skills and learn some new tricks. The X-Particles Challenge is a competition which has been organised by Andy Needham. The challenge is to use your favourite feature of X-Particles to create…

xpVolumeEmit Featured

X-Particles 3 xpVolumeEmit

This tutorial shows you some techniques for working with the X-Particles 3 xpVolumeEmit object in Cinema 4D. One of the new objects with X-Particles 3 is xpVolumeEmit. The concept behind this object is simple, you use the volume of an object to control when particles are emitted. Basic usage is as simple as specifying the…

XP3 Soft Bodies

Simulating Soft Bodies with X-Particles 3 in Cinema 4D

X-Particles never ceases to amaze me, it is such a versatile tool. Although not designed specifically to deal with cloth and soft body simulations, X-Particles 3 does a good job with minimal setup. Add the XParticles xpConstraints object—which will tie your particles together—then combine this with the xpDeformer object to manipulate your geometry. You can…

99frames robot

99Frames 2K15

99Frames is back for another year! Rich Nosworthy (Design & Animation) & Sono Sanctus (Music and Sound Design) have put together a fantastic teaser to get your creativity flowing, kudos guys! Join this Vimeo Group to participate in the project. It is open to anyone and the rules are simple. Rules #1 – Animation is…

XParticles logo reveal

Logo Reveal with X-Particles

In this tutorial we create a logo reveal with X-Particles in Cinema 4D.  Starting with a simple polygon object, Tim Clapham takes you through the entire process step by step, emitting particles from geometry and using an animated texture to restrict the particle emission to specific areas of the object. We use particle groups to control…

MPC Breakdown

The Breakdown

I love watching Animation. Visual Effects. Motion Graphics. Art. I know you do too. This post is all about the process beyond the public window, the stuff we do. There’s a mix of motion graphics and visual effects, branding, commercials and feature film work, some from individuals up to huge facilities. There’s something for everyone….

Falloff Sampler Shader

Free Falloff Sampler Shader from Curious Animal

Falloff Sampler Shader Falloff Sampler Shader uses Cinema 4D’s Mograph Effector falloffs to create greyscale values for your object’s surface. This is handy for layering shader effects based on your falloffs, or just to use the falloff’s gizmo as a visual guide to help position your gradients. This is a bonus plugin – it’s free…