Rendering an Instance

Here is one of my tests using the 11.5 Render Instances. Two lights with area shadows and global illumination. 1098001 objects 490380300 polygons 505851300 vertices Yes that’s 490 million polygons… You may ask why? Well, just because we can!

HYPA Strings

Uploaded a short test animation I created using Cinema4D Thinking Particles and Tracer.  Visit Vimeo for the HD version, although the compression destroys it some what! HYPA Strings from Tim Clapham on Vimeo.

After Effects Tutorial - 3D Text using Trapcode Form

After Effects Tutorial – 3D Text using Trapcode Form

I recently completed a short tutorial that shows you how to create some stylized 3D text within Adobe After Effects using Trapcode Form. Trapcode make awesome plugins for After Effects, with Particular and Form being two of my favourites. This tutorial is an introduction to using Form and controlling the particles with layer maps. To…