Bounce Card Script for Cinema 4D

This is a handy Python Script for Cinema 4D that will make targeting those light hotspots much easier thanks to the scripting prowess of James Chiny Watch the video to see it in action, nice idea @hypoly and thanks for sharing with the community. You can grab the script here


Maxon to Reveal Arnold for Cinema 4D at Siggraph

SOLID ANGLE AND MAXON TO REVEAL ARNOLD FOR CINEMA 4D AT SIGGRAPH The new bridge between the two applications will debut at the MAXON booth (#1422) on August 12, 2014 MADRID & FRIEDRICHSDORF, 30 July, 2014 – SOLID ANGLE, maker of Arnold, the industry leading global illumination ray tracer, and MAXON, leading developer of professional…

binary grid

Binary Grid with X-Particles

I cannot get enough of X-Particles for Cinema 4D, this particle system is so much fun! Here’s another quick tutorial to inspire you, it is a bit cheesy in that late 90′s Matrix kind of way but will hopefully motivate you to take this idea to another level. The principle is simple, we clone a…

xp molecules

Instant Molecules with X-Particles

X-Particles has to be the most powerful particle system available for Cinema4D right now and if you’re not using it then I have to ask – why not!? Sure you can achieve stuff with the archaic particle system in Cinema 4D (reminds me of the particles in infini-d), if you don’t mind getting your nodes…


Disable SDS Script

Disable SDS Globally! Here’s a quick and handy little script which will enable / disable all the SDS objects in your scene.  Super handy workflow helper! Drop this script & icon in your ~/library/scripts/ directory which you can access very easily by opening the Cinema 4D preferences and clicking on the button bottom right of…


C4D Soft Body Dynamics – Tutorial Part One

This is part one of a two part tutorial that I created for 3D Artist magazine last year. It is a great mag for tutorials, ideas and inspiration, so I suggest you check it out if you’re not familiar. You can download the required files to complete this tutorial from here. Find part 2 of…

Paste As Scripts

Paste As … Scripts for Cinema 4D

These scripts for Cinema 4D we are about to discuss are so useful, once you start using them you will never know how you lived without them, well ok, perhaps not life in general, but your Cinema 4D life is going to become even more amazing than ever! I’m not sure if you are aware…

New! Soccer / Sports & Material Packs for C4D

The Pixel Lab have crammed this Material Pack for C4D with 500+ Cinema4D materials/textures. This pack not only helps you speed-up your workflow, it means you can focus on being creative. The files are .lib4d so you can load these textures into your Cinema4D Content Browser and easily access them at any time, the textures…

waxy shader

Waxy Shader in Cinema 4D

  This is a quick tutorial which covers the creation of the waxy shader in Cinema 4D I used in an older tutorial — metaball typography — it’s a kind of fleshy waxy sub-surface scattering looking thing. Enjoy!

Relative Xpresso

Relative linking with Xpresso in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial I show you a simple technique which will allow you to attach an object to the top of an animated Extrude with Xpresso in Cinema 4D. Although this is probably quite a simple process for a lot of users I wanted to explore the flexibility that is offered when you use relative…