Houdini-Tutorial_Intro-to-Pyro from helloluxx

Houdini Training : Intro to Houdini Pyro Effects

  Houdini Training : learn. Jumpstart Vol. 6 – Intro to Houdini Pyro Effects (Explosion) from Adam Swaab Over five hours of content and three project based tutorials from Adam Swaab which show how to wrangle and control Houdini Pyro Effects. Volume 6 of Adam Swaab’s Houdini tutorial series is mere days away. With dozens…

X-Particles Challenge

X-Particles Challenge 2015

Whether you are new to x-particles or a veteran user, the X-Particles Challenge 2015 could be a great opportunity for you to show your skills and learn some new tricks. The X-Particles Challenge is a competition which has been organised by Andy Needham. The challenge is to use your favourite feature of X-Particles to create…

99frames robot

99Frames 2K15

99Frames is back for another year! Rich Nosworthy (Design & Animation) & Sono Sanctus (Music and Sound Design) have put together a fantastic teaser to get your creativity flowing, kudos guys! Join this Vimeo Group to participate in the project. It is open to anyone and the rules are simple. Rules #1 – Animation is…

MPC Breakdown

The Breakdown

I love watching Animation. Visual Effects. Motion Graphics. Art. I know you do too. This post is all about the process beyond the public window, the stuff we do. There’s a mix of motion graphics and visual effects, branding, commercials and feature film work, some from individuals up to huge facilities. There’s something for everyone….


Nickelodeon IDs From Ronda

I absolutely love these Nickelodeon IDs,  Produced by Ronda, an animation and design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The whole series has a wonderfully quirky handmade feeling to it and the continuity between each ID works really well. Great character & set design, composition, staging and animation makes for a wonderful collection of idents. Great…


Hand Drawn Animation from Hello Mau

I tend to check vimeo every day (mostly while I wait for a render), there are a lot of movies!  I find the best way to see great content is to follow as many creative folk as possible.  If you’re not sure who to follow, look at someone you follow already, see who they follow…

binary grid

Binary Grid with X-Particles

Cinema 4D Tutorial for Binary Grid with X-Particles I cannot get enough of X-Particles for Cinema 4D, this particle system is so much fun! Here’s another quick tutorial to inspire you, it is a bit cheesy in that late 90’s Matrix kind of way but will hopefully motivate you to take this idea to another…

xp molecules

Instant Molecules with X-Particles

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Instant Molecules with X-Particles X-Particles has to be the most powerful particle system available for Cinema4D right now and if you’re not using it then I have to ask – why not!? Sure you can achieve stuff with the archaic particle system in Cinema 4D (reminds me of the particles in…

learn. Idents TV

learn. Idents: TV Teaser

The first teaser for a series of new training titles from helloluxx. The ‘Idents’ training series is based around the concept of producing IDs from scratch.  Released regularly, each new chapter will concentrate on a specific set of tools and will cover a large array of practical techniques and workflow approaches which will become essential…

Cinema 4D Tutorial - Metaball Typography

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Metaball Typography

Here is an interesting way to build some organic typography. The metaball in Cinema4D can look very globular and regular, (but it does have it’s uses). I wish Maxon would give us an update with more control over metaballs…  However, the metaball object itself only has a few parameters, you can add extra control by…