Creative Type using C4D Hair

Creative Type with Cinema 4D Hair, MoGraph & XParticles

In this short tutorial I show you a simple, yet effective technique, for generating a write on type animation using the Cinema 4D Hair Renderer. I’ve split the tutorial into two steps, the first example uses the powerful MoGraph module, which makes this method accessible for most Cinema 4D users (if you don’t have the…

Bounce Card Script for Cinema 4D

This is a handy Python Script for Cinema 4D that will make targeting those light hotspots much easier thanks to the scripting prowess of James Chiny Watch the video to see it in action, nice idea @hypoly and thanks for sharing with the community. You can grab the script here

Curve to Fresnel in Cinema 4D

This is a cool script that I came across on Vimeo and thought would share with you. From the very talented Simon Holmedal from ManvsMachine. Allows you to map your fresnel with a curve rather than a gradient, this offer a lot more control and is a great addition to your C4D toolset. Thanks @sholmedal…


Maxon to Reveal Arnold for Cinema 4D at Siggraph

SOLID ANGLE AND MAXON TO REVEAL ARNOLD FOR CINEMA 4D AT SIGGRAPH The new bridge between the two applications will debut at the MAXON booth (#1422) on August 12, 2014 MADRID & FRIEDRICHSDORF, 30 July, 2014 – SOLID ANGLE, maker of Arnold, the industry leading global illumination ray tracer, and MAXON, leading developer of professional…

Cinema 4D Tutorial - Waxy Shader

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Waxy Shader

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Waxy Shader This is a quick tutorial which covers the creation of the waxy shader in Cinema 4D I used in an older tutorial — metaball typography — it’s a kind of fleshy waxy sub-surface scattering looking thing. Enjoy! Cinema 4D Tutorial – Waxy Shader


C4D Physical Render – Tutorial Part Two

Cinema 4D Tutorial – C4D Physical Render – Tutorial Part Two This tutorial is the second part of a two part tutorial that Tim recently completed for 3D Artist magazine. If you would like to follow the first part where we set up a soft body dynamics simulation, then you’ll need to grab a copy…

C4D Light Dome

Cinema 4D Light Dome Update

Cinema 4D light dome update. I’ve made a small update to the C4D light dome preset and thought I’d share it with you all. The Cloner no longer uses the Target Effector, the lights are simply rotated to point to the centre of the Light Dome Sphere. Simpler solution, therefore less to calculate, although you…

Caustics in C4D

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Refractive Animation with Caustics

This tutorial is from a technique that I used many years ago. I’m sure some of you will remember this as I used to have a written tutorial on the Hypa website many moons ago! The results from this are quite unique and you can create some really beautiful effects by rendering a few passes…

learn. Idents TV

learn. Idents: TV Teaser

The first teaser for a series of new training titles from helloluxx. The ‘Idents’ training series is based around the concept of producing IDs from scratch.  Released regularly, each new chapter will concentrate on a specific set of tools and will cover a large array of practical techniques and workflow approaches which will become essential…


New Training Teaser from Alex Lehnert

This is the teaser to Alex’s new and soon to be released Training series “Crafting Product Shots with Cinema4D”. He will cover all the aspects of a product shot from modeling, lighting, shader setup to final rendering and compositing. You´ll learn how to setup a nice beauty setup for highclass product shots. Cinema4D Training: Crafting…