C4D Soft Body Dynamics – Tutorial Part One

This is part one of a two part tutorial that I created for 3D Artist magazine last year. It is a great mag for tutorials, ideas and inspiration, so I suggest you check it out if you’re not familiar. You can download the required files to complete this tutorial from here. Find part 2 of…


C4D Physical Render – Tutorial Part Two

This tutorial is the second part of a two part tutorial that Tim recently completed for 3D Artist magazine. If you would like to follow the first part where we set up a soft body dynamics simulation, then you’ll need to grab a copy of the magazine, issue 59. I’m sure that the first part…


Building a Conveyor with Cinema4D Dynamics

Here’s a quick tutorial that will show you how you can use Dynamics in Cinema4D to build a simple conveyor to move objects along. In this example I simply create a curve for my cylinders, but there is no reason why you cannot create much more elaborate shapes. The setup consists of a Dynamic Cylinder…


Thinking Particles from Dynamic Collisions… Part II

I recently had a question of how to create TP from dynamic collisions when using a Cloner Object.  In other words how do you create an emitter at the collision point of each clone.  If you haven’t seen the original tutorial on this then please check this post. It isn’t actually that tricky once you…


Jigsaw Puzzle Tutorial

I recently completed a tutorial for the Maxon’s You Tube channel. It goes into quite a bit of detail, so for that reason it is split into 4 parts. Something you might be interested in? I’ve copied some of the blurb from the You Tube page here so you get an idea of what I…


Sticky Dynamics

In this tutorial I demonstrate a technique that allows you to create a sticky type effect with your dynamic simulations in Cinema4D. By using the Force object in combination with Step Falloff you can create a setup where the objects stick together depending on the force applied. Check out the tutorial below, or watch it…


Thinking Particles from Dynamic Collisions

This tutorial from demonstrates a method to create Thinking Particles from Dynamic Collisions using Cinema4D and some simple Xpresso. Although the technique described is fairly basic, this will lay the foundation for much more complex effects that are possible by developing the principle further. Download the scene file for this project here.