Relative Xpresso

Relative linking with Xpresso in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Relative linking with Xpresso in Cinema 4D In this tutorial I show you a simple technique which will allow you to attach an object to the top of an animated Extrude with Xpresso in Cinema 4D. Although this is probably quite a simple process for a lot of users I wanted…

What’s your favourite AE Script?

I’m not sure if you use scripts in your day to day workflow, whether in After Effects, Cinema4D, or what ever application you choose to abuse. I recently asked a question on Twitter to find out which After Effects scripts were the favourites of my followers.  I use a few scripts all the time and…

Immigration – Smart Importing for After Effects

If any of you work with large image sequences and find importing them into After Effects a bit of a drag then you should seriously take a look at Immigration from Manually importing large sequences can be a slow process, especially if you are working with many different passes rendered from your 3D application….


After Effects Tutorial – Moving Templates

Here is a super quick tip that will definitely come in useful if you save lots of Render Setting and Output Module Templates in After Effects. Did you know these templates can be exported and transferred to other copies of After Effects?  It is pretty simple to do and will save you loads of time…